Splendors of the South India & beaches of Goa
Hassan travel information guide
Tour Duration : 23 days / 22 nights
Tour Destination : Chennai / Mahabalipuram / Pondichery / Gangaikondacholapuram / Tanjore / Trichy / Chettinadu / Madurai / Munnar /Alleppey / Cochin/ Mettupalayam / Ooty / Mysore / Hassan / Hospet / Badami / Hubli / Goa
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This travel package is for those who are no time bounded, cross Greater South India at your pace; this will allow you to completely merge in the rich culture of South India and in its natural beauty. At the end give yourself some relaxing moments on the sandy beaches of Goa.

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  • Day 1 : Day 1 : Chennai: Arrival in day or in evening (According to your flight shchdule).

    Chennai is capital city of Tamilnadu, which keeps its hustle bustle going on, and is among major metros of India. Major attractions of Chennai includes Fort William, Marina beach, and its National Museum. An evening stroll at Marina beach gives visitor real glimpse of South Indian culture, along with sea food delecacies.

  • Day 2 : Day 2 : Chennai / Kanchipuram / Mahabalipuram:

    Drive to Mahabalipuram. On the way visit the temples of Kanchipuram. Check In to hotel in Mahabalipuram. Visit the shore temple, five Chariots“rathas” of the Pandavas. The heroes of the epic Maha Bharat ". In the evening, stroll on the beach of Mahabalipuram.
    Mahabalipuram is a sea shore city, about 60 kms from Chennai, famous for its Shore temples. It is a small excursion from Chennai, and one can easily take a break from busy metro life of Chennai, to seek break in some best leisure resorts of Mahabalipuram.

  • Day 3 : Day 3 : Mahabalipuram / Pondicherry

    Visit Arjuna'a Penance and departure to Pondicherry. Check in to hotel in Pondicherry. Visit Auroville and Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Vinayaga temple and church Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the evening, visit the Indian and French Quarter.
    Pondicherry is first french settelement in India, which is also a major attraction of Tamilnadu. The city is divided into two parts, in which one is French colony, and another is Tamil colony. Some major attractions include Church of Notre dame de Angers, and Sacred heart cathederal. The beaches of Pondicherry are also very famous, and attracts large number of tourists from all over the world.

  • Day 4 : Day 4 : Pondicherry / Chidambaram / Gangaikondacholapuram / Darasuram / Tanjore :

    Drive to Tanjore. On the way visit the temples of Chidambaram, and Gangaikondacholapuram and Darasuram. Check in to hotel in Tanjore. In the evening, walk through the city of Tanjore.
    Tanjore is major temple town of Tamilnadu, which is known for its mighty Brihadeshwara temple, enlisted in Unesco’s world heritage monuments. Tanjore is known for its art and culture and its numerous boutiques selling brass and bronze wares and statues.

  • Day 5 : Day 5 : Tanjore / Trichy /Chettinadu:

    Visit the Temple of Tanjore and Brihideshwara Marata The Palace Museum. Drive to Kanadukatthan, on the way visit the temple of Srirangam and Rock Fort Trichy. Check in to hotel in Kanadukatthan village in the region of Chettinadu. In the evening visit of the village and its colorful Chettinadu houses.
    Chettinad is small town, mainly of Nattukotai Chettiars which is a prosperous banking and business community of South india, thus we find extraordinarily beautiful houses with some finest painting art in south India. Chettinadu Cuisine is also very famous for its finest delicacies including sambhar, payasam and paniyaram.

  • Day 6 : Day 6 : Chettinad / Madurai:

    Drive to Madurai. Check in to hotel in Madurai. Then visit of the Palace of TirumalaiNayaks and the Meenaskhi temple in the evening.
    Madurai is second largest city of Tamilnadu, famous for its Meenakshi temple. This is one of the ancient cities of India. The city is visited by numerous visitors from all around the world, to witness this city of ancient culture and civilisation. The evening ceremony at Meenakshi temple is worth watching and leaves an undying impression on the heart of visitor.

  • Day 7 : Day 7 : Madurai / Munnar:

    Drive to Munnar. Check in to hotel in Munnar. Visit Tata Tea Museum (Museum of tea). In the evening, walk through in the city of Munnar.
    Munnar is a small hill station, nestled among some beautiful tea gardens, unending nature and some breath taking springs, wild life makes Munnar a most favorable tourism spot and summer retreat of South india. It is one of the most Sought of Honeymoon destination of South India.

  • Day 8 : Day 8 : Munnar / Alleppey:

    Drive to Alleppey. Check in to houseboat and explore the backwaters of Kerala: channel surfing and visit the surrounding villages.
    Alleppey or Allapuzha is world famous backwaters where large number of tourists come to witness the backwaters of Kerala. There are large number of Ayurveda resorts and Heath centres, which offer different rejuvenation therapies to remove stress and depression. One can also experience staying in Houseboats and travel around backwaters of Kerala.

  • Day 9 : Day 9 : Alleppey / Cochin:

    Disembark at Alleppey and drive to Cochin. Check in to hotel in Cochin. In the afternoon, visit the Dutch Palace, the synagogue and the Jewish Quarter. In the evening Kathakali dance and discovery of the Fort Kochi area.
    Cochin is famous port town of Kerala, known for its famous 15th century monuments including Jewish Synagogue, and Jewish colony. It was once a major centre of Spice trade between western countries and India. While going through the streets of Fort Cochin, one can still see the Chinese fishing nets and some old buildings of British times in India.

  • Day 10 : Day 10 : Cochin / Mettupalayam:

    Departure for Mattupalayam. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel and Evening free in the city of Mattupalayam.

  • Day 11 : Day 11 : Mettupalayam / Ooty (travel by train):

    This unusual travel by train you will discover the breathtaking Ketti Valley. Early morning transfer to the station Mattupalayam to take your train to Ooty. Check in to Hotel in Ooty. Visit Ooty visiting the Botanical Gardens, the Church of St. Stephen.
    Ooty is small hill station nestled in Nilgiri hills of Tamilnadu. It was a summer retreat for British officials, who during scortching summers of south india, came to Ooty, to get some escape from the Heat. The Toy Train of Ooty is also very famous, and several tourists each year come to experience the beautiful train journey from Mettupalayam to Ooty. It is also known as Nilgiri Mountain railway or Darjeeling Himalayan railway. It is also declared as world heritage site from UNESCO.

  • Day 12 : Day 12 : Ooty:

    Depart for a day hike to see the rainforest, tea plantations and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the villages around.

  • Day 13 : Day 13 : Ooty / Mysore

    Drive to Mysore.Stay in Mysore. Visit the Temple of Chamundi. In the evening, ayurvedic massage and relaxation.
    Mysore is major town in Karnataka state, and located at distance of 140 kms from Bangalore, the capital city. Mysore has several charms to attract a visitor namely Mysore Palace, Chamundi hill and temple. Mysore is also known for its Dusshera Festival organised before 20 days of Diwali festival in India. Each year large number of visitors visit Mysore to experience this centuries old city of Karnataka.

  • Day 14 : Day 14 : Mysore / Sravanbelgola / Hassan:

    Departure for Hassan. Along the way, visit the gigantic monolithic statue Gomteshvara (Bahubali). Check in to hotel in Hassan. Visit the town of Hassan.
    Sravanbelgola is a city located near Hassan, which is famous for its statue of Gomteshwara and a major Jain pilgrim centre.

  • Day 15 : Day 15 : Hassan / Chitradurga / Hospet

    Drive to Hospet. En route visit the fort of Chitradurga. Check in to hotel in Hospet. Free time.
    Halebid is located in Hassan district of Karnataka, and was ancient capital of Hoysala Empire in 12th Century. It was annexed by Malik Kafur in 14th century, who was general of Allauddin Khilji , then ruler of Delhi. It is known for its famous temple of Hoysaleshwara temple.

  • Day 16 : Day 16 : Hospet / Hampi / Hospet:

    Visit the temples of Hampi and the royal city. Day dedicated to the visit of Hampi.
    Hampi is UNESCO’s World Heritage site, located in Hospet district of Karnataka, which was an important chapter in History of India. It was the capital of famous Vijayanagar Empire, and thus held important place in the region with its mighty ruler Krishnadeva Raya. It is also known for its Huge elephant stables. Still, when a tourist comes here to visit the ruins of Hampi, he finds the movement of time, is stand still, witnessing the glory and splendor of ancient India.

  • Day 17 : Day 17 : Hospet / Badami

    Drive to Badami . Check in to hotel in Badami. Visit the fort and caves carved. In the evening, visit the bazaars of Badami.
    Badami caves are famous for its marvellous carved temples located in Bagalkot district of in Karnataka. These temples were carved out during 6th to 8th century during the Rule of Chalukyas. There are 4 caves in all depicting Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu and Jain mythology.

  • Day 18 : Day 18 : Badami / Aihole / Pattadakal / Badami:

    Visit the temples of Aihole and Pattadakal. In the evening, return to Badami

  • Day 19 : Day 19 : Badami / Hubli:

    Departure for Hubli. Check in to hotel in Hubli then visit the temple of Chandramouleshwara and temples Amargol.

  • Day 20 : Day 20 : Hubli / Goa:

    Departure for Goa. Check in to hotel in Goa (Baga Beach).Free time to rest.
    Goa was first portuguese settlement in India and still it is one of the most sought of holiday destination in India. It is known for its sunny beaches and night life and during christmas, there are carnivals on the roads, and the streets of Goa are full of tourists from all over the world. Goa is also known for its water sports.

  • Day 21 : Day 21 : Goa

    Day free on the beach

  • Day 22 : Day 22 : Goa / Return:

    Transfer to the airport for the return flight.

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