Fairs and festivals in March

Fairs and festivals in India in month of march

  • International Yoga Week

    – International Yoga Week is a week-long event organised by the State Tourism Department in Rishikesh (Himalayan Foothills) during the first week of February to promote Yoga. Detailed lectures and demonstration of various asanas by prominent exponents of Yoga are the major highlights of the Yoga Week.

  • Khajuraho Dance Festival

    – This week long festival of classical dances is held every year against the spectacular backdrop of the floodlit temple of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. Different classical dances are performed here by the dancers from all parts of the country.

  • Elephant Festival

    – This is an annual festival held at Jaipur, Rajasthan. This is perhaps the only festival in which decorated elephants perform majestic dances and parade. The most noticeable feature of this festival is that the elephants that participate in this festival are female elephants.

  • Elephanta Festival

    – Elephanta Island, Mumbai: This festival is held across the Mumbai harbour, on the Elephanta Island, near the world-renowned Elephanta Caves (A World Heritage Site). This feast of music and dance, celebrated under the stars, transforms the entire island into a large auditorium.

  • Mewar Festival

    – An annual festival is celebrated in Rajasthan to greet the arrival of spring season, this festival coincides with the famous festival of Gangaur in Udaipur. Women participate in the massive procession with idols of goddess and finally transfer the images to special boats in the lake Pichola. Folk music and dances, singing and a number of other programmes are organized during the festival, which highlight the Rajasthani culture.

  • Gangaur fair

    – Gangaur is the most important local festival in Rajasthan. The celebrations in Jaipur and Udaipur have a unique charm and attraction. The festivities begin almost a fortnight before the actual day. Girls worship the goddess throughout the preceding fortnight. Colorful images of Gauri are taken out in procession accompanied by the town band. Thousands of people from the countryside come to take part in the procession of the image.

  • Konkan Turtle Festival

    – Ratnagiri:  Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra (SNM) the first organization to take the initiative of protecting and conserving the Marine Turtles has protected more than 600 nests and has released more than 28000 hatchlings into the sea. This gave rise to a new festival called the Konkan Turtle Festival. Once a year, the newly hatched endangered Olive Ridley turtles are released from the small village of Velas, in Ratnagiri, on the coast of Maharashtra.

  • International Flower Festival:

    Gangtok, Sikkim: Flower Festival held at Gangtok is a rare show of exotic varieties of flowers, orchids and other plants native to Sikkim, a north east state. Held every summer during the peak flowering season at Gangtok in Sikkim, this is a spectacular event attracting people from all over India.


    Also known as the Festival of Colours, Holi is one of the brightest festivals in India and is celebrated with great fanfare and fervour. This is the one occasion that brings out the enthusiasm and unadulterated mirth of people. Holi falls on a full moon day, in the month of ‘Phalgun’, which falls in the month of March, as per the Gregorian calendar. The entire country celebrates the festival by playing music, getting intoxicated on the popular beverage ‘bhaang’, dunking friends, eating, dancing to foot-tapping beats and of course, smearing each other’s faces with loud, bright colors or squirting colored water on passers-by.

  • Pooram –

    celebrated in Trichur, in the State of Kerala, it marks the New Moon. The main feature of the festival is the spectacular sight of large number of elephants carrying ceremonial umbrellas going round the temple and the midnight fireworks display.

  • Id-ul-Zuha

    – or Bakr-id is a Muslim festival celebrated on a National level. It commemorates the martyrdom of Abraham and is marked by the sacrifice of lambs.

  • Mahavir Jayanti

    – is a National level festival that marks the birth of Mahavira the 24th tirthankar (apostle) of the Jains and the founder of Jainism.

  • Good Friday / Easter

    – is celebrated at a National level.

  • Meenakshi Kalyanam

    – celebrated in Madurai, this festival marks the marriage of goddess Meenakshi (another name of goddess Parvati) with Lord Shiva. It is a colourful 10-day temple festival wherein the deities borne by colossal chariot are taken out on a procession.