Fairs and festivals in January

Fairs and festivals in India in month of January

  • International Kite Festival

    In Gujarat particularly, it is the time to witness and extravaganza of Rann Utsav or Kite flying festival in what has become an International Kite Festival held at Ahmedabad.

  • Pattadakkal Dance Festival

    This festival is held in Pattadakkal, Karnataka every year in the monthe of January. Famous dancers from all over India come here to participate in this festival of Indian classical dance and music.

  • Modhera Dance Festival

    This festival is held at The Sun Temple, Modhera in Gujarat. Indian Classical dances are held at the backdrop of the temple. Floating Festival – held in Madurai in the State of Tamil Nadu, marks the Birthday of a local 17th century rule. Its main feature is the elaborately illuminated barge carrying decorated temple deities at the Mariamman Teppakulam Pool amidst chanting hymns.  Bikaner Camel Festival – The festival is held in Bikaner district of Rajasthan, it starts with vibrant procession of beautifully decorated camels that march gracefully against the backdrop of the massive Junagarh Fort. Various activities performed in this festival are tug of war contests, camel dance competitions, puppet shows and acrobats.

  • Kumbhalgarh Dance Festival

    It is held at Kumbhalgarh, Bundi, Rajasthan. The Classical Dance Festival is held at Kumbhalgarh Fort, which is 80 km from Udaipur. The Dance Festival is organised in line with Maharana Kumbha’s dedication towards promoting arts.

  • Island Tourism Festival

    Port Blair, a fortnight long festival organized by the Andaman & Nicobar Administration celebrated every year. Cultural troupes and artistes of national and international fame are invited to perform during the festival apart from performances by the talents of these islands including tribals. Water sports competitions like Nicobari Hodi race are organized.

  • Ajanta & Ellora Festival

    This festival is held at Aurangabad, Maharashtra in the last week of January with dance performances and shows with local artists. This is one of the biggest Indian classical art festival with some of the world-renowned performers of the country showing thier talents.

  • Jaipur Literature Festival

    It is the largest literary festival in Asia-Pacific, and the most prestigious celebration of national and international literature to be held in India. It encompasses a range of readings, talks, debates, performances, children’s workshops and interactive activities held in the beautiful heritage property, Diggi Palace in the Rajasthani capital of Jaipur.

  • Chandrabhaga mela

    Chandrabhaga Mela is also known as Magha Saptam Mela, A grand fair is held (February) at Khandagiri near Bhubaneswar Orissa. The important fair and festival is celebrated every year during the full moon phase at the sacred Chandrabhaga River. During the seven day fair thousands of pilgrims gather to bathe in the holy Chandrabhaga River.

  • Makar Sankranti

    is the time of the year when the Sun enters Capricorn. It’s a time of great festivities throughout the nation with people taking a dip in the holy rivers and seas.

  • Lohri

    Celeberated on 13th January by Punjabis and Sikhs. Lohri is a very popular harvest festival, celebrated in the North of India. The spirited festival is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm by people, who get along with their family and friends on this festive occasion.

  • Pongal

    mainly held in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is a 3-days colourful Tamil harvest festival.  Vasant Panchami – celebrated on a National level mainly in the Eastern region, it is a Hindu festival dedicated to Saraswati the Goddess of Learning. It is marked by people wearing yellow coloured clothes.

  • Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti

    It is celebrated by the Sikhs as the birthday of their tenth and last Guru and people organise processions and special prayer gatherings in Gurudwara.

  • Republic Day

    It is held on 26th January every year, this is a National holiday that commemorates the establishment of the Indian Republic in 1950. It’s a grand military parade and procession of colourful floats, dancers and so on.