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Fairs & festivals in India

Major fairs and festivals in India  

kumbhalgarh-dance-300x199 Fairs & festivals in IndiaFairs and festivals in India are famous all over the world for thier joy and colorful celebration. Most of the  festivals and fairs, held in India are either religious fairs or cultural one. India is often described as a land of many religions and languages, but it might as well be described as a land of festivals. Some fairs and festivals are observed throughout the country; others have specific regional associations. India celebrates fairs and festivals of almost all the faiths in the world. In one region or the other, festivals happen almost every month, each with a specialty of its own.

Each festival in each region has its own particular foods and sweets appropriate to the season and crops, and days are spent in their careful preparation. The Indian calendar is a long procession of festivals. The harvest festivals of the south, the immersion of Lord Ganesh Idols in Mumbai, the car Festival of Puri, Snake-boat races in Kerala, Republic Day in Delhi, Camel fair in Pushkar are some of the most important. Given below is a month-wise list of fairs and festivals in India. However, since fairs and festivals in India are determined by the Solar & Lunar positions, they may fall in a different month from the ones specified here.

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