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Ten best tips to travel to India

Ten best tips to keep in mind before and during your travel to India

India-Travel-trips Ten best tips to travel to India

  • Before travelling to India the first and foremost tip amont the best ten best tips to travel in India, is to make a list of essential things that you would need in India and that you would carry in your baggage. Plan your trip to any Indian destination according to the favourable weather conditions of that place. Always carry a good guide book with you.
  • Although India is a safe country to visit but before you choose any destination make sure that place is not affected by any insurgency, riots, political unrest, terrorist attack or any other type of agitation currently going on at the time of your visit to India.
  • Get all immunizations, vaccinations. Medications and allergy check from your family doctor before coming to India as some parts of the country are highly populated and polluted and you may fall sick during your travel. Always consult a qualified doctor and a reputed hospital in case of illness in India. Always carry toilet paper, soap and sanitizer with you as you would need in India a lot.
  • As you would enter India accept the culture shock. Don’t panic, accept the differences as they are and embrace them. Be non judgemental and avoid unnecessary activities that are none of your concern.
  • Don’t travel too much. India is a vast country and to explore it is not easy in one trip. Always check the convenient routes of all the modes of transport and then plan your trip and avoid exertion. Arrive early to a destination and depart early for the next destination. Avoid travelling at night by bus or taxi.
  • Don’t be too possessive about your personal space. In a country of 1.2 Billion places, you will be hard pressed for your own private space. People will ask seemingly intrusive personal questions that you may find intimidating. Remember that this is a wholly different culture and the questions are merely indicative of the locals’ polite interest in you.
  • Stay safe and don’t carry huge amount of cash, jewellery or valuables with you as this may invite some unwanted problems of pick pocketing and snatching in the crowded area.
  • Dress conservatively as India has a modest culture and wearing some western clothes which you wear in your country may not be acceptable in public places in India.
  • You must know what to eat and drink and what not. Eat fresh, boiled and well cooked food only and always drink packaged water of a reputed brand. Avoid ice with drinks.
  • Last but the least important among ten travel tips to travel in India, is to be careful from Touts, avoid them as much as you can and be firm.