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World Sufi Music Festival

World Sufi Music Festival in Jodhpur & Nagaur, India

World Sufi music festival - Jodhpur & Nagaur

If you want to discover the cultural and poetic side of India, there are some festivals where you could choose from. Yet, one of the most beautiful and important is, undoubtedly, World Sufi Music Festival in Jodhpur & Nagaur in Rajasthan. Before telling you what this festival implies, it’s time to talk a little bit about the cities of Jodhpur and Nagaur.

What is so special about the setting?

  • Jodhpur is a vivid and rich city in the centre of Rajasthan. Besides the festival celebrations, here you can also visit Mehrangarh Fort (with artifacts, royal costumes, antique weaponry) and Jaswant Thada (a white marble royal cenatoph).
  • Nagaur was an ancient site of Sufism, so we might say the festival carries on some of that old atmosphere. The Ahhichatragarh Fort, also the setting of the celebrations, is a magnificient example of Indian architecture.

What you can experience during World Sufi Music Festival?

Even if it is a small festival, World Sufi is a great chance to know more about the Indian culture and customs, but also to get in touch with artists and people all over the world who come here every February. During the festival, you will attent to music, poetry and dance celebrations. Art, lectures and historical walks are another very important point on the agenda so don’t miss it.

The organizers make the most of the setting too, so you will be invited to attend town tours, visiting museums, traditional bazaars etc. Of course, the late dinners with tradititonal food and cocktails are a regulat habit every night, after the festival celebrations. All these in a magical surroundins as, during the festival, Nagaur is lit up by 5000 oil lamps.

World Sufi Music Festival 2017

If we convinced you this is a festival worth attending, you should know there are some information about the dates of World Sufi Music festival dates in 2017.

World Sufi Music Festival 2017 will be held from 13th February till 15th February 2017 at the Nagaur fort and on 17th and 18th February at the Mehrangarh fort, in Jodhpur.


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