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Where do lions live other than the African continent?

Where do lions live in their natural habitat other than the African continent?

If you are asking yourself the question, where do lions live other than African continent? We got the answer for you, India. Yes, India is the abode of last Asiatic lions in the world. It houses some of the last spices of Asiatic lions in the world.

Where do lions live other than africa

Now you will wonder where do lions live in India?

The Gir Forest is known all over the world as the last home of the Asiatic Lions. The lion was once widely distributed in Asia Minor and Arabia through Persia to India. But due to massive hunting and poaching, it reduced only to Indian sub – continent. Now The Gir National Park and Lion Sanctuary is the one and only remaining habitat of this proud and majestic species in the world after Africa.

In the Indian sub-continent, the population of lions extended over all northern India, as far as east up to the state of Bihar, with the Narmada River marking the southern limit. But before the end of the last century, the Asiatic lion had become extinct from its range except at Gir National Park at the southern point of the state of Gujarat, where lions do live even today, At one time the estimated number of Lions went down to as low as thirty. However, due to the efforts of the authorities and the Gir National Park, the Asiatic lion has been narrowly saved from extinction. Though it is still a highly endangered species, statistics show that if efforts are kept up, their numbers might begin to improve. 

The population of lions in India

Wildlife conservation program for the Asiatic Lion was started by the India Government in September 1965 with the declaration of 1265.01 SQ. km area as the sanctuary which was expanded up to 1412.1 SQ. km till date. With the implementation of wildlife management and Gir Development Scheme, the population of lions in India, where they lived for centuries, increased gradually from 177 in 1968 to 359 in 2005. Similarly, herbivore population of major animals (Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Wild boar, Four horned Antelope, Chinkara etc.) has also increased by these efforts from about 38221 in 1995 to 49965 in 2005.

The Asiatic Lions are lazy and indolent creatures in nature. Their prey is the Sambar, Chital, Nilgai, Wild Pig, and occasionally on goats and camels. Lion males often live in pairs that last a lifetime. However, in the pride, it is the females who go out hunting in packs and bring back prey, which is first devoured by the male and only then by the rest of the pack. In the daytime, they live close to water holes and rest in the shade. Hunting is relegated to dusk, or at night.

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