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Unseen Places in Rajasthan

Some hidden gems and unseen places in Rajasthan that you even don’t know

Are you tired of visiting palaces and forts in Rajasthan? Rajasthan has much more to offer to traveller than palaces and forts. We have discovered for you some unseen places in Rajasthan not to miss during your travel. Lakshman-Sagar-Pali one of unseen places in Rajasthan

Laxman Sagar, Pali near Jodhpur

If you are tired of visiting palaces and forts, Lakham Sagar is the great hideout for you. Constructedon a hill top in a fort style. This hotel will give you a complete cut from the hussle bustle from the cities of Rajasthan. With 12 spacious and gloriously private mud-and-stone cottages nestled amongst 32 acres of rocky hills, surrounding a lake. This is a quiet and intimate eco retreat, a place for you to unwind and recharge yourself. You can take a guided nature walk; go for a dip in the crater-like pool; watch the sun set from a terrace lounge or star-gaze by a bonfire on the dam. This place is all about R&R.

Abhaneri - Chand Baori, near Jaipur

Abhaneri is a village about 95 kms from Jaipur on the jaipur-agra road. A detour is well merited for its amazing step wells or 'baoris' and Harshat mata temple. The village's original name was Abha nagri. The ruins of the temple also speak of the 10th century architectural and sculptural styles. There is a huge tank named "chand baori", opposite to the temple fortified on all four sides with bastions for defence. Even though Abhaneri is now in ruins, the place has a distinct reminiscence about itself.

Sanganer, near Jaipur

Located 16 km from Jaipur, Sanganer is an important centre for crafts and hand-printed textiles that is internationally famous. The most beautiful temple in Sanganer is the ancient Shri Digamber jain temple. The temple has fine carvings as those of the magnificent Dilwara temples of Mount Abu. The town is most famous for its handmade paper and mostly block printed fabric. The fabric is popular for small floral designs. A wide variety of material for apparels, furnishing and curtaining is available. It is a beautiful sight to see brightly colour fabric drying out in the sun near the river. It is the world's largest centre of hand-made paper.

Bagru, near Jaipur

Bagru is located 30 kms away from jaipur on the Ajmer road and is well known for its Bagru prints. This technique simulates a wooden block on which the required design is first carved, then the carved block is used for transferring the motif in the desired colour on the fabric. This process is most effective on ethnic floral patterns and for printing in vegetable dyes in traditional Bagru prints

Samode, near Jaipur

The fort is an old fortified residence of the Nathawat family (hailing from Chomu) that served as the prime ministers of the Jaipur royal court is located some 40km from Jaipur and 264 km from Delhi in the Aravali Ranges. This magnificent fort is as charming and romantic in itself, and exhibits grandeur, good taste, class and elegance. The durbar hall of Samode Palace is one of the most beautifully painted chambers with glass & minakari work and the same goes for the private restricted spaces- meant for the "zannanis", women of the family.

Bhangarh, near Alwar

At the edge of the Sariska Tiger Reserve, just 90kms away from Jaipur is Bhangarh - a ruined town in the Alwar district of the state of Rajasthan, India, most famous for its historical ruins, the place is said to be haunted. Archaeological Survey of India has put up a signboard by the main gate stating (among others): "Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited." For the more adventurous ones, legend has it - "no one entering this town after sunset has ever returned back."

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