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Nagaur Cattle Fair in Rajasthan in 2017

Nagaur Cattle fair - Rajasthan2Animals are an important part of Indian culture. Some are worshiped, being associated with deities and many of them are in the center of many special rituals. Therefore, no wonder there are a lot of Indian cattle fairs, held every year, across the whole country & Nagaur cattle fair in Rajasthan is one of them.

This is the second biggest cattle fair in India. Held in Rajasthan, the largest state of India. Rajasthan, besides its fairs and festivals, it is seen as a magical land with a lot of wonderful palaces and forts, a magnificient wildlife and a fascinating sandy Thar desert.

Time to visit Nagaur cattle fair

This cattle fair usually takes place from the end of January till fist week of February in Nagaur, a small town situated between the cities of Bikaner and Jodhpur. In the middle ages it was a town of great importance for caravanes & traders, trading spices of India to Europe and China. This cattle fair lasts for about four days, usually from 30th January to 2nd February. This gives plenty of time to villagers from all parts of Rajasthan to come and trade camels, bullocks, goats, horses, oxen, cows and other animals.

Attractions at Nagaur cattle fair :

Nagaur Cattle fair cuturel eventA very special part Nagaur cattle fair is the fact that people are entartained by folk dancers, musicians, games and animal races organised by the tourism departement of Rajasthan. Besides the trading part, you can also see a small, yet important part of Indian life, with its rural and traditional aspects, maybe the most exciting and interesting piece of this country. People, the way they talk, feel, dance, dress and, of course, so many animals held together – all these make this fair a special one.

In the evening, there a lot of traditional parties with music, dances and colourful attires. The locals, especially the women, dress themselves in those vivid and special traditional clothes, thing that makes this fair even more interesting.

We shouldn’t also forget the fact that Nagaur is in Rajasthan area, so the tourists could also visit the impressive surroundings places like Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Pushkar. Although Nagaur is the second biggest cattle fair in Rajasthan, it is not the biggest in the country. Every year, there are a lot of other cattle fairs. Among them are Jhalawar Cattle Fair, Pushkar Cattle fair (one of the most touistcially know in the country), Kolayat Cattle Fair etc.

If you are preparting your holidays to India for next Spring, you should know that, the dates of Nagaur Cattle Fair in 2017 will be from 1.02.2017 till 4.02.2017.

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