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India by car and driver what advantages ?

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Advantages explained to travel India by car and driver:

India is a country of the size of a continent. One can travel India by car and driver or other means. In fact, one can travel in India by three modes of transport first by Air, second by Rail and third by Road. Among these three modes of transport, the most expensive traveling is by air. Flying from one destination to another destination in India by flight is expensive so generally, people don’t prefer to travel by air. But people who fall short of time and can afford the budget, only travel by this mode of transport. The second mode of transport is by rail. Although India has a vast network of Railways throughout the country it takes a lot of time to cover the long distances and the biggest drawback of the trains is that you don’t get the reservations on time. Most of the time you have to book the trains tickets a couple of weeks before you plan your trip and it becomes very hectic during the journey in India. So the last option, travel India by car and driver is one of the most suitable, if you wish to do a road trip and don't want to bother yourself waiting for trains usually late, hectic bus travels and expensive air travels.  

So now you will ask how to travel India by car and driver?

First and foremost thing you have to do is to make your travel itinerary. Be precise about places you want to visit, distance to cover from one city to another. One can't travel India by car more than 300kms. It would take around 5hrs to 6hrs to make from one city to other with a distance of 250kms. So be careful while preparing your itinerary. We suggest you seek the help of google maps but it is not always correct, you have to add around 1hrs to 2hrs to get the exact travel time. Now you send your query of travel India by car and driver with your travel itinerary and number of people traveling to different travel companies to get the best quote. Once you get the quote, now it's now up to you to select the best company with the best price.

We bet that it will be the most convenient mode to travel India

Traveling India by car and driver is not only convenient and comfortable but also affordable for the travelers. One can travel from one destination to another easily, stop at the places where he would like to, see places off the beaten tracks, and all this with security. Contact us for your quote of rent a car in India With an experience of more than 10 years in travel and tourism industry, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. We offer exclusive car rental and Luxury Tempo Traveller services in India. Motivated by strong beliefs and corporate ethics, we believe in quality services at the most affordable and competent rates. We assure you the best in the class car on rent services in India.

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