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5 Best Beach destinations in India

Our selection of 5 best beach destinations in India

With one of the largest coastlines in the world stretching over 7000 kilometres, India has some of the most serene beaches. Here we have come up with the 5 best beach destinations in our India Travel Guide  for your sunny holidays. Add historical and cultural sites surrounding these beaches, and you would get truly enriching experiences.

  1. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar

If you are hunting for the whitest sands and the clearest blue waters in India, then Radhanagar Beach is your place. Tucked away in an inlet of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Radhanagar Beach is a true gem of a place. Located far away from the Indian mainland in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman and its beaches, wildlife, and forests have managed to maintain their pristine form.

Varkala Beach among 5 best beach destinations in India

  1. Palolem Beach, Goa

Goa offers a lot of beaches to choose from, but the Palolem Beach takes the cake. Palolem Beach may not be the most popular beach of Goa, but that is what which has kept it from being overcrowded and maintain its distinctive appeal. The palm-covered idyllic beach is devoid of much activity throughout the year but becomes lively at the time of Silent Noise-Party.

  1. Varkala Beach, Kerala

Varkala Beach is a perfect blend of magnificent natural beauty and mystic spirituality. Varkala Beach has been visited by the devotees for centuries as it is believed that the water contains healing powers and washes away all the sins. The beautiful sandy beach with rising cliffs lined with palm trees is a great place to watch the sunset.

  1. Om Beach: Gokarna, Karnataka

Gokarna is a tiny temple town in Karnataka which of boasts some of the gorgeous yet not-so-popular beaches on the West coast of India. One of those beaches, Om Beach—named after the Hindu symbol, Om due to shape. Due to its remote location, you can have an authentic Konkan experience. You can stay in a seaside hut and try out the sea-foods, taken fresh out of the sea.

  1. Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra

Being the only beach in Maharashtra with a facility for snorkeling and scuba diving, Tarkarli is well-known with water-sports lovers from across the country. Although the beach is popular for water sports activities, it still doesn’t get affected from overcrowding. The long coastline with crystal clear waters offers plenty of inlets and quiet coves for solitude seekers.

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